• Simply share your scientific inventions and findings by posting as products on our platform. You can set the price of your products and we believe our fellow scientists deserve some compensation for their hard work. However we recommend you not to make much profit by sharing the products.
  • You can share your research skills and expertise by choosing “virtual” product when create the listing. We know your skills and expertise are very valuable, so you can ask for any reasonable price for them and we will transfer all the money received to you after confirming the transaction was finished.
  • A standard processing fee will be charged for the products and expertise requested and paid. All fund received will be transferred to the provider after deduction of credit card processing fee of 2-3%. The transfer will be initiated at request after two weeks, a tracking number is needed to show the transaction was completed.

To start requesting or sharing please register a provider’s account or login.



Potential concerns:

  • You may worry about intellectual property violation.

If your scientific inventions are not patented by somebody else, most public sources like NIH encourage researches to share they research findings. Your institute like universities may claim the laboratory inventions belong to them, but if your institute did not file a patent on it, there will be no IP violations. Please share the extra specimens you created during regular lab activities, share the used software, homemade code and other virtual products.

  • You may worry about what to share and what not to share.

This is on your own discrimination. If you have some finding very important, you shouldn’t share with anyone until you publish or patent them. We only want you to share something can be created with standard procedure but some other labs may lack the resources and expertise to create those. By requesting from us, other labs will save tons of efforts and money so they can focus on what they really want to research.

  • You may worry about your supervisor’s objections on sharing scientific inventions.

We really hope you are the lab heads and make all the decisions for your lab. If so, any fund you will receive by sharing with us can add to the limited funding you have for your lab, plus you can also request from this platform and save research money and resources. However, if you are a postdoc or a students, we believe most PIs and lab heads are open enough to share and help fellow scientists. All we want to do is to speed up all scientific researches and maximize the outcome of each research dollar spent on the experiments.


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