About Us

We are a platform allowing fellow scientists to help each other by sharing and requesting their inventions and scientific findings. We believe your hard works are worth a lot more than just storing in lab refrigerators and in notebooks. Please share those with us and unleash the real power of scientific researches.

What we really do?

We provide a platform for fellow scientists to share or request the most recent and advanced scientific findings and inventions. The price set by scientists are solely compensation for the processing and shipping. We will  transfer the fund to the scientists or labs who spend years on those research and inventions. We only collect minimum commission to cover the cost of maintaining this website.

Please upload you scientific creations to our website and request what you need from the platform as well. By doing so, we help each other and compensate each other for the most important and hardest mission of our society.

Our Vision

Science is great and we can make it greater! We are an online platform created and maintained by real scientists, we envision science and technologies are the keys to the bright future of this planet, and only if we work together to fully garnish the great human potential. Thus we create this free space to serve scientific communities for sharing the inventions and scientific creations. If every one add a drop of water, we will have a massive sea of science and technologies to achieve the unachievable.

Our History

We are created by a few full time scientists during their leisure time. We are non-profit and will run the website with minimum cost. Any help from volunteer scientists are greatly appreciated.

Scientist 1 CEO/Founder

Scientist 2 Client Care

Scientist 3 Support Boss

Scientist 4 Delivery Driver

Scientist 5 Packaging Girl